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Francesca at the Phoenix Art Museum

About Francesca

Francesca Bessett is portrait and figurative artist who, though little in stature, packs a mighty punch on canvas imbuing her work with color, vibrancy, and her passion for creativity. With her arsenal of techniques, tenacity, and unique take on portraiture, she is able to capture one's inner personality and spirit otherwise hidden below the surface. 

In addition to portraiture, Francesca owns the successful Phoenix valley-wide paint and sip company, "Painting With Canvas". Through teaching, Francesca is able to bring art into the lives and minds of those who may not be able to experience it, on a day-to-day basis. 

In her free time, you can find the artist at her local dive or brewery holding a pint, covered in paint from her latest creation.

For more information on commission work, and/or available classes, follow her on Instagram: @francytheartist @paintingwithcanvas


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